4th of February – 12th of March / Shedhalle Zürich / LABOR DER ZUKÜNFTE

*Special Dates: 4th of Feb. ‚LABOR DER ZUKÜNFTE: Opening ‚ / 25th of Feb. ‚Kinetic Treat‘ (concert) / 2nd of March ‚Diner with Androids‘ (discussion round with food and drinks) / 11th of March ‚Alternatives to Doomsday‘ (festival) – everything at Shedhalle Zürich

30th of March – 2nd of April / ‚New Narratives: ÖKONOMIEN ANDERS DENKEN‘, Stuttgart

12th of April / Burg Rothenfels, Germany / Lecutre Performance: Excperts from ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT

14th of April – 23rd of April / ‚Mine Yours Ours Festival‘ in Rijeka, Croatia / Guest Performance of SAID TO CONTAIN:

1st of June 2017 8pm / Gessnerallee ZürichPremiere of ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT a futuristic performance by Neue Dringlichkeit

2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of June / Gessnerallee Zürich / ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT 

24th of July – 30th of July  / Neue Welt – Ein Labor mit Utopieverdacht  / A laboratory, in which the world from tomorrow will be dreamt, thought and designed. This project is a collaboration with diffrent people from all kind of disciplines. This is the thrid edition of the laboratory. https://neuewelt.space

9th of November – 19th of November / TECHNE Produktionsplattform von Künstlerhaus Stuttgart und Theater Rampe, Stuttgart / Guest Performance of ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT

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