man überlegt ob man da hinfahren soll. wer hat lust? wie lange trampt man. omg!

How to End Evil is an self-organized international gathering of creative activism, organized by Enmedio at the Antic Teatre of Barcelona. With this crowdfunding campaign, we are hoping make this project a reality – we just need to pay a few train and plane tickets, feed the guests, spread the word, etc. None of our guests or organizers have charged for their participation, making it possible to keep all events free of charge.

“Action is our relationship with everything,” remarked Bruce Lee immediately before he bit the dust; and he was right: for something to change, there must first be action. Acknowledging this, we’ve decided to co-organize these days of creative activism — because we want to change things, and because we believe that artistic practices, well deployed, can become ideal tools for social transformation.

Here to inspire us will be a number of cultural agitators and activists from around the world (New York, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, London, Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid…). Each of these participants will come loaded with creative tricks and tools for social change, and ready to share their tactics that have made their actions so effective. With their help, and with your help, How to End Evil could become an ideal concoction on how to face a crisis with creativity, and have a great time doing it.

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