I hate America.

I hate America because it is the birthplace of capitalism.

And we have been so infused by the laws of capitalism that the only goal we can still strive towards is to succeed.

Not only do we have to succeed in our jobs, but also in our social life, our love relationships, our sexual development, our ability to care about political events, and our believe in ourselves.

We have created a system in which only one thing counts: The success to be happy.

And this leaves us with nothing but failure.

I hate America because all my generation can think about is how we are not good enough, how we don’t care enough, and how we fail to know what we want.

It is time to turn this fear and sadness inside out and turn it into outrage.

Outrage against a system, which (unlike our parents) we know we have helped create. But which has become it’s own entity that is controlling us.

It is not our fault we don’t give a shit about all the evils in the world.

We can only free ourselves from failure and self-loathing by not blaming ourselves, but blaming the system, the capitalistic system of succes, as abstract as that may be.

We are ok they way we are.

Only if we are willing to accept ourselves with everything we fail to be, can we open our eyes, look at the world, and actually start to care, sing, and roar.

Lea Whitcher

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