**Coming up** SAID TO CONTAIN: Thinking Public Session at MINE YOURS OURS Festival in Rijeka, 21. & 22.4. 2017

The twelfth edition of Mine, Yours, Ours Festival will take place from 20 to 22 April at several locations in Rijeka. This year’s topic is LOGISTICS, one of the pillars of modern economy that affects our daily lives by forming the structures that directly determine our civil rights and movement patterns. Guests are invited to attend film screenings and theater performances, discussions and presentations, workshops and an educational program, and to learn more on the logistics revolution, today’s position of Rijeka in it, and how the national transport policies, global trends and labor and citizen actions can shape the future of our city as a site where the local and the global meet.

Check out the schedule below, and find out more details about the program at http://drugo-more.hr/en/mine-yours-ours-2017/


SAID TO CONTAIN: Thinking Public Session, 21.4. & 22.4.2017, 21.00, at Rijeka Breakwater

With Bojan Djordjev, Maja Leo & Stephan Stock

A project by Bojan Djordjev, Laura Kalauz, Paulina Kind, Christopher Kriese, Maja Leo, Lisa Schröter & Miriam Walther Kohn

The participation of SAID TO CONTAIN: at MINE YOURS OURS FESTIVAL is made possible by the generous support of :

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